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Regular Programmes

NIBMG is running a Ph.D. programme.

NIBMG will accept applications from eligible candidates to pursue Ph.D. research at the institute under the mentorship of NIBMG faculty round the year. Interested students are requested to check for advertisement on NIBMG website (http://www.nibmg.ac.in).

Furthermore, the applications in the prescribed format will be accepted twice a year, typically during the months of April and October.

Prospective applicants to the Ph.D. Programme can find more information here.


In the future, this Institute will initiate a unique and novel M.Sc. programme in "Molecular & Genetic Epidemiology". Students will also be enrolled for an integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. programme, in addition to enrolling students separately for the Ph.D. programme. These programmes will not only be open to clinicians, but clinicians will be strongly encouraged to join these programmes.